Pinhole Glasses to improve eyesight are chosen based on the prescription and regardless of the symptom for which they are to be used. All pinhole glasses valid to see both near and far and also if you have blurred vision. In other words, they are all equally valid for all common symptoms (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia or eyestrain). The difference is found in the degree of the visual symptom, that is, in the number of diopters.

  • Conical Pinhole Glasses

    These glasses are indicated for all symptoms with graduation between 0 and 5.5 diopters.

  • Pyramid Pinhole Glasses

    These glasses are indicated for symptoms of low prescription or few diopters (up to 1.5)

  • Small Hole Glasses

    People with vision problems of more than 5.5 diopters require fine holes to see more clearly


Pyramid Pinhole Glasses

Small Hole Glasses